Historic School Seals

The Historic School Seals Monument, donated by the Senior Class of 2000 and Senior Class Council of 2000 (part of the Student Government Association) and created by artisans in the Master Craftsman Studio, is comprised of three flag poles on which fly the flags of the United States of America, the State of Florida, and Florida State University. The large black granite seals at the bases of the flags are representative of the West Florida Seminary, the Florida State College, and the Florida State College for Women. A smaller granite plaque reflects the modern seal for Florida State University. Each seal portrays the school message and its vision of the future. The seal of the West Florida Seminary (1851-1901), the first school on campus, displays the owl, which represented wisdom. The next seal, belonging to Florida State College (1901-1905), kept the owl, now representing knowledge. The owl is flanked by two torches, which are meant to represent the college’s role as an illuminator of knowledge. The seal of the Florida Female College, later renamed the Florida State College for Women (1905-1947), removes the owl and adds a third torch. The motto of the college, Vires, Artes, Mores, is also added. These three torches reflected the goals in preparing the female students physically, mentally and morally. With these accomplished, the students could become Femina Perfecta or complete women. These torches continue in the university’s seal, representing the highest ideals for both men and women. The monument is representative of 164 continuous years of service in education.


From the seals, move a few yards to the east to view the bronze statue of former FSU President T.K. Wetherell.