The Greek Park

In an effort to conserve campus green space and dedicate an area to recognition of the university’s legacy sororities and fraternities, a campaign was launched under the tenure of President T. K. Wetherell to entice PanHellenic groups to commemorate their leadership legacies on FSU’s campus. Standing in the center of the park is a 15-foot high, multiple-patina bronze statue named “Three Sisters.” This statue was a gift from the sisters of Chi Omega Sorority and served as the catalyst for renovation and beautification of this historically significant green space. Alpha Delta Pi sorority followed suit in celebration of their 100 years on FSU’s campus by the total renovation of the pavilion just inside the South Gate. The “Alpha Delta Pi Meditation Pavilion” contains Gothic arches, a cast-iron clock, and beautifully designed stained glass windows interposed with ADPi symbology, including violets. The stained glass pieces were crafted and installed by artisans in FSU’s Master Craftsman Studio. The Greek Park also contains other historic markers and is home to many varieties of heirloom camellias.


To south and east of the Greek Park at the intersection of Grey and Jefferson Streets you will note the university’s gated south entrance.