Murphree and Cawthon Halls

In the shadow of President Murphree’s statue, students are at home in the traditional and conveniently located Jennie Murphree Hall, which enjoyed a major renovation in 1992. Originally built 70 years earlier, the hall was named for President Albert A. Murphree. It was later renamed in recognition of President Murphree’s wife, Jennie Murphree. She was raised in Tallahassee and was a graduate of the Seminary West of the Suwannee River.

As you walk westerly through Sandels Green and near Honors Way, please note Cawthon Hall built in 1946 to accommodate FSU’s growing number of students. It was the last campus building to conform to the original Collegiate Gothic design and was named for Sarah Lundrum Cawthon, the first Dean of College Home (now known as Student Affairs) when FSU was the Florida State College for Women. Today, Cawthon is a music living-learning center, home to first and second year music majors who enjoy performing impromptu concerts and jam sessions to the delight of fellow students.


Continue to follow walkway and cross Honors Way. Here, you get your first look at Landis Green, with FSU’s main library at the northern edge. On your right you will note a large black granite obelisk.