Kissing Bench

Bonds of a lifetime often bloom during the college years and Florida State offers a sentimental landmark where young couples are known to embrace their love. Affectionately known as the Kissing Bench the granite seat is just cozy enough for two. According to folktale, a long-ago university employee kissed his special girl on this very bench and the two ended up as husband and wife. The fable suggests if you bring a lover to the bench and share a kiss with them, your fates will become forever entwined. So reads the inscription…“If this bench could talk/oh the stories it would tell/of kisses young and old/if you sit, beware the spell.”


Neighboring Landis on the western side are two new residence halls replacing the old Dorman and Deviney Residence Halls to better serve the expanded needs of FSU’s student population.


From the Kissing Bench, look across Honors Way to your left to see the William-Johnston Building.